Devastating news. Depression. Rejection. Redundancy. Eating disorders.
We’ve all had to face a mountain that seems impossible to overcome. We’ve all stood in the shadow and felt so small, overwhelmed and ill-equipped for an exhausting, relentless, uphill battle.
When Matt experienced the loss of one of his closest friends, life crumbled away underfoot. When April found she’d lost control of anorexia, there seemed no hope she’d make it back to safety.
Through faith and small, mighty miracles, one step at a time, Matt emerged from grief and depression. It was an unforgettable journey, and one where God’s footprints were evident along the way. For April, the path to healing took an unexpected turn – someone moved the mountain.
Accomplished singer/songwriters in their own right, April and Matt met on a Christian songwriting retreat, where a common passion to share hope to those struggling soon emerged.
Today, they embark on project Beyond The Mountain.
With inspirational music and powerful testimonies, the pair of friends are a poignant reminder that whatever mountain we face; we are never alone, and there is always hope.

Through evenings of sharing this music and testimony, the duo invite people to hear an inspirational message that whatever they are facing, “He goes before you and He levels the mountains.” (Isaiah 45:2)
“We believe that breakthrough and victory are possible with Jesus,” Matt explained, “It’s so important to share success stories to remind people that they are not alone in their struggles. Music is an incredible gift to communicate these stories and speak the words of hope that can sometimes be hard to express.”
Matt and April and invite churches and event organisers to get in touch to host a Beyond The Mountain event of their own. If you’d like to know more about these evenings, contact the team here or follow along with updates on facebook.com/BeyondTheMountainTour.